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About Me

Raised in Birmingham (England) by Polish parents, I decided after attending thirteen schools through circumstances beyond my control, that I wanted to explore the world and subsequently lived in seventeen towns and cities across six countries.

Whilst living in Bath at the age of 24, I found a camera at a bus stop and decided when I was 27 to prove it possible to make a living from taking pictures within one year having never done so before.

Since then I have lived all over the world shooting for publications such as NY Times, Wall St Journal, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Q, Uncut, Business Week, Motor Trend & Esquire, amongst many others as well as clients such as The Getty Museum, Sony Music, Universal Music, EMI Music, Warner Music, Sony Ericsson, Big Machine Agency, Gorgeous Media, ABC TV, SBS Radio, Westpac Bank & Hodder Headline Books etc. etc..

As well as working as a photographer and raising my daughter as a single parent, I’ve also spent over thirty years working within the arts community in a variety of capacities. In Australia I started several not for profit Arts Associations and Art Collectives and as founder of Regeneration Culture Inc influenced the development of a stronger creative curriculum in High Schools by the Premier of NSW (Australia) in the 1990’s. As founder of M.O.R.E (Ministry Of Random Events) I also built several giant sculptures using recycled materials, including the 30’ x 20’ ‘Recycle’ which stands permanently at the entrance to the largest recycling centre in the southern hemisphere (see picture to the right). I have also created interactive art installations in New York City, London, Sydney and Melbourne.

I am currently filming and photographing a book and multi part documentary series about the American Dream called MORE American Dreams.